1. Try and avoid allowing your child to get overtired when travelling. If you are flying your child may not nap for long periods and this is fine. Encourage frequent short naps if possible. When travelling don’t worry about how you get your child to sleep, if your child was in a good sleeping routine at home he will return to a good routine again very soon.
  2. Pack your child’s used cot linen. When your child rouses during the night he will smell home which will help him to resettle. When he settles you can change them!
  3. If your child has a favorite sleep toy be sure to pack that too!
  4. Ensure your child is familiar with their new sleeping environment before you put him sleeping there. To do this put your child into the cot he will be sleeping in for a few minutes to play with a toy, show your child some pictures in a book and then pop in and out of the room very frequently. Ensure you do not leave your child for any longer than 10 seconds when you leave the room. If you child gets upset when you leave play peek-a-boo from behind the door. Total playtime in the cot should not be longer than 5 minutes. If possible do this 1-2 times during the day before putting your child asleep there at night.
  5. During the first day I recommend letting your baby/child nap on the go in the car or buggy as usually children are exhausted after travelling and in no mood to start napping in an unfamiliar environment. Spend time doing playtime in the cot on the first day instead.
  6. To settle your baby/child on the first night use the same bedtime routine you use at home, expect that there will be some tears. Go in and out to your child very frequently (5/10 seconds) if he is upset until he falls off to sleep. After a night or two your child will return to settling well for you again just like at home.
  7. Expect some night time awakenings for the first night or two. Always reassure your child and go in and out frequently until he returns to sleep, if your child is sleeping in your room just return to your bed you don’t need to leave the room. After a night or two this will also settle down once you haven’t introduced any habits such as rubbing/rocking or feeding your child to sleep.
  8. Keep to the same daytime routine as you do at home as this will lead to a happier child during the day. If possible try and encourage your child to have 1 nap a day in their cot and the rest can be on the go.
  9. If dining out in the evening settle your child to sleep in the buggy at their usual bedtime. When you return to your holiday room/home change your child’s nappy when you take him out of the buggy and put him into their cot, this will help him sense his environment is changing and therefore will know where he is when he rouses later during the night.
  10. Above all else enjoy your holiday and if you do find yourself introducing habits you don’t wish to continue when you get home leave the holiday habits behind and get back to your usually routine. After a couple of days your child will be right back on track.


Consultation with Tailored Plan & Support

Recommended for parents experiencing settling issues and/or frequent night awakenings.  Includes a tailored step-by-step plan.

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Recommended for parents who want to discuss and overcome minor sleep issues with their baby or young child.

1st Year of Sleep

The 1st year of a baby's life is a very busy and exciting time. With this package you will have a helping hand all the way to guide you through developing a workable routine for your baby along with helping you through any sleep issues that may arise.

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Hilda & Robbi

Hilda & Robbi

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Without Edel’s help and support I know I certainly wouldn’t be in a home with two very happy & content boys that sleep all night and thrive on their routine each day. She always understood how I felt. We would highly recommend Edel as a baby sleep consultant – she’s amazing!!*



I had no time to myself the entire day and despite being a new Mom and being told that this time was unpredictable I knew in my gut that it was wrong. We put our faith in Edel’s expertise in terms of sleep and we weren't disappointed. With the constant doubt we felt as new parents she was able to point us in the right direction.*

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